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1 February 2017

The fare will be indexed on seven toll sections of the federal highway M-4 Don since March 01, 2017

Since March 01, 2017, 12.00 a.m., the fare on seven of nine toll sections of the federal highway M-4 Don will be indexed.

The changes will affect the following sections of M-4 Don:

1. km 21 – km 93;

2. km 225 – km 260;

3. km 287 – km 322;

4. km 330 – km 414;

5. km 414 – km 464;

6. km 492 – km 517;

7. km 544 – km 633.


At the same time, on the road sections from 93 to 211 km of M-4 Don (located in the Moscow and Tula regions) and from 517 km to 544 km, bypassing Novaya Usman village (located in the Voronezh region), the toll collection on which was introduced in 2016, the fare rate will be the same.

The long-term program of activities of Avtodor State Company (2010-2020), approved by the Russian Government provides for an annual indexation of fare rate for travel of vehicles. Indexing shall take into account the accumulated composite index of consumer prices. According to the Federal State Statistics Service, it grew by 5.4% in 2016. On March 1, on M-4 Highway sections, the fares will be brought into line with the level of 2017.

See the new tariff rates for passing along the high-speed toll sections of M-4 Don for all categories of vehicles in the annex.