Dmitry Ivanovich DERINGER

Dmitry Ivanovich DERINGER

Born on: December 16, 1976 

Place of birth: Semipalatinsk, Republic of Kazakhstan

Education: higher vocational education

Name of higher educational institution, qualification, year of graduation: Moscow State Automobile & Highway Technical University with a degree in Engineering, 2001.

Awards and Recognition: Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Transport of Moscow region (2008); Certificate of Acknowledgement of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation (2011); Certificate of Merit of the Administration of Smolensk Region (2012)

Employment History

2001 – 2004 Construction and assembly foreman, project senior engineer, construction site supervisor of Centrodorstroy OJSC – Construction Department No.862 of Centrodorstroy OJSC;

2004 – 2005 Chief of Service at Domodedovo International Airport JSC;

2005 – 2010  Project Manager of Centrodorstroy OJSC;

2010 – 2012 Construction and Rebuilding Deputy Director of Golitsyno Branch of the State Company Russian Highways;

2012 – 2014 Director General, Avtodor - Toll Roads LLC;

2014 – 2017 Deputy Chairman of the Board for Construction and Rebuilding, State Company Russian Highways

Since 2017 till present Board Deputy Chairman, the State Company Russian Highways