Alexey Borisov
Alexey Borisov
Date of Birth
July 26, 1975
Higher Education, Kuban State Technological University (Department of Automobile Roads and Airfields, 1999), State University of Management (Department of Corporate Management, 2003)
First-Class and Second-Class Merit Badges for Distinguished Service in GIBDD (State Traffic Safety Inspectorate) (2003, 2010); A.A. Nikolaev Medal (2007); Certificate of Appreciation from the Ministry of Transport of Moscow Region (2006); Certificate of Acknowledgment from the Governor of Moscow Region (2008); Commemorative Appreciation Token from the Governor of Moscow Region (2009); Badge “In Memory of the 200th Anniversary of Water and Overland Transport Department” (2009); Certificate of Acknowledgment from the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation (2014); Honorary Diploma from the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Region (2015); Medal for Construction of Transport facilities (2017); Certificate of Acknowledgment from the Chief State Inspector of Road Safety of the Russian Federation (2018).
1991 1992
Asphalt Layer, Small-Scale Enterprise «Doroga»
1995 1999
Foreman, Small-Scale Enterprise «Doroga»
Inspector of Roadside Supervision on Federal Highways, Kropotkinsk State Unitary Road Enterprise (DRSU-9)
1999 2004
Lead Specialist of Laboratory Control Division, Lead Specialist, Senior Specialist, Deputy Head of Road Construction and Reconstruction Division, Deputy Head of Department, State Institution «Department of Federal Highways in Krasnodar Krai»
2004 2005
First Deputy General Director, Federal Assessment Fund
Executive Director, Stroitelstvo i Bezopasnost Avtomobilnikh Dorog (Construction & Safety of Highways) LLC
2005 2011
Deputy Director, Acting Director, Federal State Institution «Interregional Directorate for Road Construction for Central Region of Russia, Federal Road Agency» (FSI DSD «Center»)
2011 2013
Acting General Director, Engineering Company «New Technologies of Road Industry»
2013 2016
Head of Technical Division, Chief Engineer, Deputy Head of Department, Federal Government Institution «Department of Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod Highway, Federal Road Agency» (FCU Uprdor Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod)
2016 2019
Deputy Head of Department, Head of Department; Federal Government Institution «Ural Federal Highway Administration of Federal Road Agency» (FCU «Uralupravtodor»)
2019 2020
Deputy Head of Department, Acting Head of Department, Head of Department, FCU Uprdor Moscow – Nizhny Novgorod
Deputy CEO (part-time), Federal State Unitary Enterprise «In-House Security Service Department of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation» (FSUE «UVO Ministry of Transport of Russia»)
First Deputy Chairman of the Board for technical policy, «Russian Highways» State Company