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28 May 2015

Intervals between overhauls at Avtodor highways will be increased by 20-30% by 2020

State Company Avtodor has developed a draft technical policy, which, if implemented, will increase overhaul life of the roads by 30% by 2020 and regular maintenance intervals by 20%.  In the meantime, costs of the road maintenance will be reduced by 15%, cost of road transportation will decrease by 20% and the number of traffic accidents will decline by 20%. This statement was made by First Deputy Chairman of the Board of State Company Avtodor Igor Urmanov at the First International Forum “Innovation in Road Construction.”

Technical policy of Avtodor is developed within the program of innovative development, which has always been one of the priorities of the State Company.

According to Igor Urmanov, the main directions of innovation activity in 2014 were the improvement of research techniques using modern geophysical methods and standards for road design, as well as introduction of new technologies and materials in the construction and reconstruction of highways.

In 2014, State Company Avtodor began designing the repairs of road surfaces based on digital models of surfaces, which are created by laser scanning mobile laboratories. By now, with the use of such technology, project documentation for seven areas of repair of M-4 “Don” road has been developed .

The state company is building so-called reference road sections, which are designed according to standards completely new to Russia, said Igor Urmanov. Reference sections are created for long-term testing and comparing of reliability of the road structure. Thus, in 2014 one of the reference sections on M-11 highway “Moscow-Saint-Petersburg” at 258 km - 334 km (detour of Vyshny Volochek), designed according to German standards, with a 30-year lifetime of road surfacing, was put into operation.

In order to increase overhaul life of asphalt-concrete surfacings, industrial batches of improved bitumen (BNDU) were produced, which comply with the relevant Organization Standards SRT AVTODOR 2.1-2011. In particular, LUKOIL, JSC presented bitumen of brand BNDU 60, Gazprom Neft, JSC presented BNDU 85. Suggestions were made by Rosneft, JSC for brands BNDU BNDU 60 and 85.  20 km of BNDU surfacing were laid on experimental sections. 

The State Company conducts experimental work on the stabilization and strengthening of soil subgrade using different methods.  Thus, since 2013 during the construction of M-11 high-speed highway “Moscow - St. Petersburg” experimental works have been conducted to stabilize the soil by deep mixing and pulse compression.

In 2014, these experimental works were joined by another technology to consolidate soft soils, based on shell-less piles of sand, gravel and soil cement using vibro replacement stone columns technology.

For a more efficient use of resources “Avtodor” is utilizing new tools to control the state of roads - through the assessment of residual life.  If the current repair appointment mechanism is only based on diagnostic data, the new approach also accounts for the effect of traffic loads over the past period of operation and comprehensive assessment of all elements of the road structure. With the help of Falling Wieght Deflectometer (FWD) it can be accurately determined, why and which element of the surfacing is exposed to a rapid degradation.

One of the priorities of innovative development program is the widespread adoption of energy-efficient technologies and alternative renewable energy sources.

In order to improve the energy efficiency of lighting, all roads under trust management of the State Company have undergone an energy audit.

To save energy, Avtodor has commissioned 199 independent outdoor lighting systems based on solar energy and conducted zoning for effective use of renewable energy fr om the wind flow.

Currently, two sections of M-4 “Don” highway are designed, wh ere all power demand will be satisfied through the use of wind generators. The possibility of generating wind power is also provided within the project for reconstruction of M-4 “Don” road at 1021 km - 1094 km section.

In order to formalize the system for the collection, storage and retrieval of information on the utilized innovations, Avtodor has developed a special vertical database of innovative technical and technological solutions.