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30 November 2016

The State Company Avtodor repaid the bond issue series 01

On November 29, 2016, the State Company Avtodor has paid the par value of the bonds and the coupon income on the bond issue series 01 with the total amount of 3,145,860,000 rubles, thus having completely performed its obligations to its security holders according to the maturity dates specified in the prospectus.

The coupon yield per bond series 01 amounted to 48.62 rubles.

The ruble bonds series 01 of the State Company Avtodor were issued on December 05, 2011 at the MICEX. The bond issue was for five years, and the total par value of the issue amounted to 3 billion rubles. The coupon rate was set at 9.75% per annum. The repayment of the par value of the bond issue was collateralized by the state guarantee of the Russian Federation.