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5 December 2016

The State Company Avtodor ranked second place at the sports festival to meet the RLD qualifying standards

On December 3, 2016 a Sports Festival was held in the framework of the 10th International Forum and Exhibition "Transport Week", where the qualifying standards of the All-Russian RLD Set ("Ready for Labor and Defense") were met. 15 teams, representing the transport industry, participated in the festival.

The solemn opening ceremony was attended by the RF Minister of Transport Maksim Sokolov, Chairman of the Board of the State Company Avtodor Sergei Kelbakh, and Chairman of the Central Sports Club of the Russian Financial Authorities and Dynamo No. 33, Oleg Shabunevich.

Opening the festival, the Minister thanked the State Company Avtodor and personally its Chairman, Sergei Kelbakh, for the organization of the sports festival. According to Maksim Sokolov, "Ready for Labor and Defense" is not only a sports festival, but also an outstanding public event.

"Therefore, it is good that the whole transport industry catches up with this high sports standard!" Maksim Sokolov noted.

The competitions included running 100 m, 2 km, 3 km, bending forward with straight legs, push-ups, abdominal exercises, pull-ups, jumping from place, dashing the weights, target shooting, and swimming at the distance of 50 meters.

Following the results of the festival, Avtodor took second place, having lost a total of 11 scores (672 vs. 683) to the team of the Russian Railways JSC. The team of Europe - Western China (SMP Group of Companies) from the Republic of Tatarstan (627 points) was third.

It is worth noting that the State Company Avtodor significantly improved its performance as compared to the festival held in 2015. Now, the team was second out of 15 teams, while last year it was the third of 13 teams. Last year the gap between the first place and Avtodor was large enough, and now this year the backlog amounted to only 11 points, which indicates the minimum difference between the winner and the silver medalist.

Also, Avtodor team won in tug-of-war, and ranked third in the summary of the relay 4 by 100 meters.

Two members of Avtodor teams were awarded individual certificates.

Ekaterina Kharchenko has become the best among women in two categories, "Running 100 meters" with a score of 12.9 seconds, and "Flexion and extension of arms in the plank position" with a score of 53 times.

Denis Ivanov has become the best among men in the competition of "Swimming 50 meters" with a score of 0.28 minutes.

We congratulate our colleagues with achievement of high sports results!

After presentation of cups, medals and commemorative diploma for individual achievements to the festival participants, Sergei Kelbakh, who also participated in meeting the RLD qualifying standards with the top management team (First Deputy Innokentiy Alafinov, Deputy Aleksandr Tselkovnev, Dmitry Deringer, and Investment Policy Department Director Oleg Mikov), thanked all the athletes for participation in the festival.

"Defeating ourselves, overcoming ourselves, achieving the results, we can move on. I congratulate the winners, and I congratulate all those who aspire to be the winner! I congratulate those who are preparing to be a winner!" Sergei Kelbakh said after the festival closing ceremony.

Official application of the State Company Avtodor:


  1. Chief Specialist of the Department for Operational Planning of Construction and Reconstruction of the State Company Avtodor Yevgeniy Medvedev (Team Captain)
  2. Deputy Director of the Project Management Center of the State Company Avtodor Denis Ivanov
  3. Advisor on General Issues of Avtodor-Invest LLC, Oksana Klabukova
  4. Director of the Court and Claim Settlement Department of the State Company Avtodor Valeriy Sushinskiy
  5. Director of Corporate Support Department of the State Company Avtodor Olesia Shpak
  6. Chief Specialist of the Department for Support of the Long-Term Programs of Avtodor State Company Yaroslava Volkova
  7. Specialist of the Department for Road Works Quality Assurance of Avtodor-Engineering LLC Dmitry Rakov
  8. Specialist of the Department for Road Works Quality Assurance of Avtodor-Engineering LLC Olga Pavlenko
  9. Specialist of the Department for Road Works Quality Assurance of Avtodor-Engineering LLC Andrei Krylov
  10. Specialist of the Single Treasury Department of Avtodor Management Company LLC Ekaterina Kharchenko
  11. Financial Controller of the Financial Control Department of Avtodor-Toll Roads LLC Ivan Mazur
  12. Chief Specialist of the department for Reconstruction and Construction of the State Company Aleksandr Gaidukov


The list of teams participating in the festival:

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation

The State Company Avtodor

Russian Railways JSC

SKY Global Communication LLC

Transstroymekhanizatsiya LLC

ARKS Group of Companies

RCC Autobahn JSC

State Transport Leasing Company PJSC

Europe - Western China (SMP Group of Companies, Republic of Tatarstan).

Agency for Road Transport Federal State Institution

Federal Service for Transport Supervision

Federal Air Transport Agency

Federal Sea and River Transport Agency

Federal Road Transport Agency

Federal Railway Transport Agency