Press room


24 August 2017

Temporary limit for heavy-weight trucks is introduced at the 1335th km of the M-4 Don Highway in Krasnodar Territory

Repair works on reinforcement of the span beams are now being carried out on the left overpass at 1335th km of the M-4 Don Highway in Krasnodar Territory.

According to the approved temporary road traffic schedule for the period of works the vehicular traffic in Rostov direction shall be arranged on two lanes with the load limit of maximum 20 tons.

Vehicles heavier than 20 tons will be redirected to the bypass route: from 1339.8th km of the M-4 Don to Ust-Labinsk – Korenovsk and exit to 1279.4th km of the M-4 Don.

In the direction to Dzhugba, the traffic shall be arranged as usual.

Due to the high intensity of transport streams, both transit and local, traffic difficulties can be expected at this section of the road.

The State Company Avtodor apologizes for temporary inconveniences.

The date of completion of the works will be announced additionally.