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12 October 2017

New Rest Area Opens at 37th km of M-4 Don Highway

On October 12, 2017, just before the Road Workers Day, a new motorway service facility, a recreational complex, was opened at M-4 Don Federal Highway.

It accommodates a 54-seat cafe featuring all necessary amenities and free wi-fi, grocery shop, parking area (16 truck and 37 passenger car parking lots), as well as an outdoor recreation area. The facility is a barrier-free environment for physically challenged people: all areas are equipped with ramps and handrails. The new facility’s current throughput capacity is about 300 persons per day, however, by summer season, it will be increased.  

The opening ceremony was participated by First Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Evgeny Ditrikh, Chairman of the State Company Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh and President of OPORA ROSSII Entrepreneur Association Alexander Kalinin. The honorary guests made a tour around the new objects and discussed cooperation and future activities of Russia’s motorway service system development. 

“This is the first motorway service facility complex constructed on M-4 Don Highway as part of realization of the Concept of Deployment, Renovation and Outfitting of Motorway Service Facilities as Part of Multi-Function Zones approved  by Ministry of Transport in 2013,” remarked in his speech Evgeny Ditrikh. The new facility was also the first project realized by State Company Avtodor in cooperation with Opora Rossii Public Association under the program to expand participation of small and medium enterprises to road infrastructure projects in Russia. 

            Avtodor, for its part, has carried out all engineering activities necessary for effective operation of the facility: construction and connection of utilities, hookup of electricity supply networks and outfitting traffic lanes and fences.  The private entrepreneur who had been awarded the right to realize the project as the result of a competitive procedure has constructed the objects and will be operating them.     

“Today is the first time we have achieved a result of common efforts of the state and a small-scale entrepreneur resulting in a successful business and new workplaces. What is important is that we have adopted a joint regulatory document enabling us to create many more of similar facilities with the participation of small enterprises,” remarked Alexander Kalinin.

According to Sergey Kelbakh, four more rest areas will be constructed at M-4 Don Highway in the nearest future: at the 68th, 74th, 76th and 143rd kilometers. All of these facilities will be developed by small and medium enterprises.

            “We will spread this experience of public and private partnership throughout all our Federal Highway Network,” said the Head of Avtodor, “as both M-4 and the Federal Highway Network are being developed in this direction”.