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24 January 2018

The movement slows down on M-4 Don section in Rostov region

 On January 24, 2018  in the morning, the movement on M-4 Don Highway near Shakhty (Maiskiy settlement) of Rostov region towards Moscow was slowed down. The situation was complicated because of the weather: there were heavy snowfalls during the day in the region. In such circumstances, heavy trucks could not move quickly. According to the regional emergency department, the traffic on M-4 Don Highway is currently open in both directions.

The said part of the road (1002nd km) is toll-free. The snow is being removed fr om the road, but it is hampered by the slow movement.

According to the Rostov Weather Forecast Center, the snowstorm is expected on January 24 in most districts of the region, and on January 25 in some parts of the region. At times, the visibility is reduced to 300-800 m. There are sleet and snow drifts on the roads. East and North-East wind with gusts up to 13-18 m/s. The night temperature on January 25 may reach -15 ... -20°.

Please be extremely careful on the road, and follow the speed lim it.