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30 August 2018

What shall be done to drive through the entire М-11 with one T-pass transponder

On September 1, 2018, a new section of the M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway, bypassing the Moscow satellite towns of Solnechnogorsk and Klin, will be opened. It will allow transiting directly from the Moscow Ring Road beyond Klin and in the opposite direction – from Klin to Moscow. In general, the length of the section is about one hundred kilometers - from the 15th km to the 97th km of the M-11 Highway.

If you use a T-pass transponder purchased at any Point of Sale of Avtodor-Toll Roads LLC and want to pay for the drivethrough, you should first connect it to the Interoperability service. Otherwise, you will be able to enter the road section from Klin to Solnechnogorsk, but at the road section from the Moscow Ring Road to Solnechnogorsk, the T-pass transponder will not operate, and you will have difficulties with paying for transit. And it will be simply impossible to enter the M-11 Highway using the T-pass transponder throughout the entire itinerary from the Moscow Ring Road to Solnechnogorsk.


In order to activate the Interoperability service, you will have to:

  1. Personalize your T-pass transponder. Provide passport and contact details in your Personal account on the website ( or in any Sales and Service Center ( so that the T-pass transponder is personally attached to its owner. The instruction for self-personalization is available on the website (
  2. Select “Interoperability” in your Personal account and tick the box.


It will be easier and cheaper to travel using the T-pass transponder with the Interoperability service activated. You will be able to use more than 400 km of the M-11 Highway, taking into account the operating sections in the Moscow, Tver and Novgorod Regions.

For detailed information about the service, the ways to subscribe to it, as well as Toll collection points at the new section of the M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway, please contact the Unified Information Center at 8-800-707-23-23.