Press room


4 December 2018

Road workers are preparing to meet ice slick and freezing rain on M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway

On December 4-5, according to the weather forecast, severe deterioration in weather conditions in Novgorod and Tver Regions are expected. The thaw we see now will change for sudden fall in temperatures below zero accompanied by precipitations that may cause dangerous weather developments, especially for drivers, such as ice slick and freezing rain.

Contractors, servicing M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway are ready to face any weather conditions. They are equipped with the sufficient number of snow plows, motor graders, loaders, tractors, etc. 60 machines of different purposes are ready to clear the sections from 334th km to 543th km of M-11 Highway. 56 machines are used for road maintenance in winter season at the section from 208th km to 334th km, 22 machines are involved to works at the section from 58th km to 97th km. To prevent and eliminate icy slicks, they have a stock of tens of tons of sand and salt mixture and solid reagents.

Situation centers are engaged in 24-hour traffic monitoring and providing quick response. Mobile mechanized brigades were created for the first priority works on bridges, steep descents and ascents. Just last week, trainings were carried out with emergency commissioners, who are on duty at all road sections, and with state operational services that eliminate the consequences of serious accidents, taking into account winter conditions, when the ultimate goal complete cleaning of the road surface at the accident site.

We highly recommend to drive only in cars prepared for such weather conditions with winter tires and a stock of non-freezing liquid for washing the glass. Be more cautious on the roads, stop only at special rest areas, do not neglect the information placed on the electronic boards of the Automated Traffic Control System (ATSUDD), drive at a reasonable speed in current weather conditions and do not aim for the maximum speed allowed.