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3 September 2019

A memorial to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War to be created on M-11 Moscow – Saint-Petersburg Highway

On September 3, the ceremony of founding the monument was held on the new seventh section of M-11 Highway.

For the 75th anniversary celebration of the Great Victory on the 561st km of M-11 Highway in Novgorod region in 2020, a memorial to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War is to be created at the rest area. In 1942, fierce battles raged in that area, where soldiers of the 2nd attack Workers and Peasants' Red Army (WPRA) were killed.

The monument will be erected to honor of their deed and the memory of all the fallen Red Army soldiers.

“Road builders never forget about history when laying new highways. When we were preparing to open the 7th section of M-11 Highway, the idea came up to erect a monument to the defenders of the Motherland for the Victory anniversary — May 9, 2020,” said Viacheslav Petushenko, the Chairman of the State Company Avtodor, at the founding ceremony.

The organizing committee of the open national creative event on selecting the sketch of the monument "To those who fell protecting the Motherland", having examined seven applications for participation, recommended by voting the sketch of M.E. Grekov military artist studio (by Maksim Malashenko) for the erection of the monument.

“Our group of sculptors and artists came up with an idea. We have the Motherland monument already, and this is her son, a soldier who rallied to defend it. Our soldier is not aggressive, he is not marching forward or attacking, he simply stepped out and stood in the way of the invaders. His rifle is not directed forward but stops the enemy. And his raincoat tent is fluttering in the wind, which is a symbol of the enemy invasion,” the author of the sketch explained the creative idea.

A 6-meter figure of the warrior will rise on a pedestal about three meters high. A fragment of the battle is to be depicted on the facade of the protruding high relief of the monument.

The creative event organized by the State Company Avtodor together with the Search Movement of Russia and the Novgorod Region Administration, was announced in early July this year. The organizing committee received applications from various regions of Russia for their consideration. Both professional sculptors and students of specialized educational institutions took part in the event.

The memorial will also include icon cases of the Mother of God “The Sign” and the Faithful Saint Prince Alexander Nevsky.