27 February 2023

Motorists who are stuck in a traffic jam at 504 km of the M-11 Neva Highway will be provided with points to receive a discount on travel on toll roads of the State Company

Heavy snowfall, poor visibility on the road, and disregarding the recommendations on the information board to reduce the speed to 70 km/h all resulted in an accident involving 40 vehicles, causing traffic along the M-11 in the Novgorod Region from St. Petersburg to Moscow to be blocked for several hours.

In accordance with the Road Traffic Regulations, a motorist must drive a vehicle at a speed that does not exceed the established limit, taking into account the traffic intensity, the characteristics and condition of the vehicle and cargo, the road and weather conditions, and visibility in the direction of motion.

The driver must maintain a consistent speed to meet the requirements of the Regulations and have full control over the vehicle's movement. In case of any danger to safe traffic, that can be predicted by a driver, he/she shall take all necessary measures to reduce speed until the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

Despite the efforts of operational services to clear the roadway, the adverse weather conditions resulted in a series of traffic accidents.

In view of the extraordinary circumstances, a decision was made to award 12,000 points under the loyalty program to those users who were stuck in a traffic jam due to a car accident on the M-11 Neva in the Novgorod Region.

Users with a T-pass transponder will be automatically awarded points.

Users without a T-pass will be eligible to purchase a transponder at a 50% discount and earn points. To do this, it is necessary to contact the user support offices of Avtodor-Toll Roads LLC and present a receipt for the fare or a statement if the payment was made by credit card. It will be possible to redeem points for travel discounts during the two-year period.