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The Tender Commission, chaired by the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov, at the meeting of April 29, 2014, summed up the results of the open tender on the right to conclude concession agreement on financing, construction and commercial operation of the “High-speed highway Moscow-St. Petersburg at the sections from 543 km to 646 km and 646 km to 684 km”. The Tender Committee meeting was open, and it was attended by representatives of the media.

1 May 2014

During the meeting of April 29, 2014, the tender committee summarized the open one-phase tender for the right to conclude a long-term investment agreement for the construction, maintenance, repair and overhaul of the Central Ring Road in the Moscow Region, start-up complex (construction stage) No. 1, first construction area (first phase of construction).

Three tender applications were submitted: 

1 May 2014