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At separate sections of the construction of stages 7-8 (543 km – 684 km) of the new M-11 "Moscow – St. Petersburg" highway, the construction works as to the formation of  the upper layer and the lower layer of asphalt-concrete bed are being underway.  The works are being carried out in the Novgorod and the Leningrad regions at the sections with a total length of about 25 km.

22 May 2017

On May 19, 2017, traffic at the section of M-4 "Don" federal motorway 1091 km - 1119 km (Rostov region, Azov district) was opened upon completion of the reconstruction.

19 May 2017

Over 100,000 sterlet fry with a total weight of 500 kg were released to Ivankovskoye storage reservoir (Tver Region) as part of compensation for possible damage to the environment during the construction of 58 km – 149 km section of the new M-11 "Moscow – Saint Petersburg" highway.

17 May 2017