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The State Company Avtodor and “Avtodorozhnaya Stroitelnaya Korporatsiya” (Road Construction Corporation) LLC signed a concession agreement with Gazprombank, Sberbank and Eurasian Development Bank (EADB). The agreement defines interaction of the parties in loan-based financing of the construction project “Central Ring Road of Moscow Region. Start-Up Facility (Construction Phase) No. 3”.

29 June 2018

The State Company Avtodor completed construction and development of the rest area facilities at the 346th km of M-4 Don Highway (backward direction, bypassing Yelts and Yarkino villages in Lipetsk Region).

18 June 2018

The newly opened section of M-11 Moscow-Saint Petersburg Highway has proved to be very popular during the weekends and public holidays in the first half of June – more than 12 thousand vehicles passed the section of 334th to 543rd kilometer every day. The number of vehicles using this section exceeded forecasts, and besides that a large number of heavy trucks were recorded, too. This immediate effect was a considerable reduction of load on M-10 Russia Federal Highway.

13 June 2018