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Roadbed construction has been recently completed on the half length of the Central Ring Road – Launch Complex No. 1.

10 October 2018

Since October 5, 2018, the speed limit on the 174th– 194th km section of M-3 Ukraine Federal Highway in the Kaluga Region increased to 110 km/h. This speed limit is applicable to passenger cars and trucks with maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tons, and does not cover heavy trucks and trailers with permissible weight of 12 tons. For these vehicles, the speed limit remains the same – 90 km/h.

3 October 2018

The basic construction works for the new bridge over the Vorya River were completed at the third launch complex of the Central Ring Road in Pushkinskiy district, the Moscow Region. The top layers of road dress were laid, access roads connecting the bridge with the road were paved, and the adapter plates making vehicles’ entry to the bridge comfortable and safe were arranged, accordingly. 

2 October 2018