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A total of 94,033,948 passings were recorded at M-4 Don Highway in 2018, up 19.3% from 2017. In 2017, the traffic grew by 14.8% compared to the preceding year.

31 January 2019

Last snowy weekend, on January 26-27, 2019, the emergency commissioners from OSSP LLC were called 77 times to help the drivers at M-11 Moscow-Saint Petersburg Highway, 95 times at M-4 Don and 13 times at M-3 Ukraine. The number of emergency calls these days was greater than usual, but not all of them were due to accidents. For example, at M-4 Don, only 20 out of 95 calls were caused by accidents. Emergency commissioners not only help in difficult situations, but also prevent potentially dangerous consequences due to car stopping on the roads.

29 January 2019

Two days of snowstorms and heavy snowfalls - on January 26-27 - passed by without significant difficulties for drivers travelling along M-1 Belarus, M-3 Ukraine, M-4 Don and M-11 Moscow - Saint Petersburg highways.

28 January 2019