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During the three summer months, traffic on the high-speed motor road M-11 Moscow – Saint Petersburg increased by 17 percent year-on-year. The largest growth is attributed to June, with a 20.2 percent increase. On average, the traffic totaled to more than 70,000 cars a day. This number does not include three sections of the motor road open last autumn and this year, as the numbers cannot be compared yet.

24 September 2019

Viacheslav Petushenko, Chairman, Avtodor State Company Board took part in a meeting dedicated to construction of a high-speed M-11 Moscow – Saint Petersburg highway headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Maksim Akimov. Project participants discussed measures necessary for opening through-traffic on the new highway.

17 September 2019

The number of road traffic accidents on the roads operated by Avtodor State Company reduced by 10.7 percent during the first eight months of the year compared to the same period of the last year. Casualties were also 25 percent lower.

16 September 2019