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The maximum traffic intensity on M-4 Don Federal Highway has been registered in the end of July at the approaches to Aksay, Rostov Region, making 110,354 passes per day. This is 12,000 daily passes more than in July of the previous year, with a half of the entire traffic flow represented by heavy trucks.

8 August 2018

Since August 1, Avtodor Radio commenced round-the-clock broadcasting at 90.9 FM frequency at the section of the new M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway in Tver Region (bypass of Vyshny Volochek). Motorists will be able to receive latest information on road traffic, weather, and any possible unforeseen situations.      

1 August 2018

On the night of August 1, two fatal accidents took place on M-4 Don Highway. Both car accidents were caused by drivers stopping their vehicles on the roadway in contravention of road traffic signs and marking.

1 August 2018