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The State Company Avtodor uses a mobile app named “Condition Assessment” to analyze artificial structure data, enabling it to improve monitoring and evaluation processes, as well as ensure safer bridge operation.

23 January 2020

The number of road accidents on Avtodor State Company roads decreased by 8% last year vs 2018. During eight years, from 2011, the incident rate has declined by 48%. Injury rate with severe (deadly) consequences dropped by 20% in 2019, and the number of injured decreased by 4%. Comparing to 2011, the death toll diminished by 62%.

9 January 2020

The experts of Russian Weather Service forecast more of the autumn weather in Moscow region and central regions of the country: temperature several degrees below zero, and snow will not be abundant, if any. However, the road officers are always ready for any weather surprises.

27 December 2019