Member of the Board of State Company Russian Highways, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Trust Management

Assumption of Office : February 8, 2010

Mr. Tselkovnev was born on February 15, 1960 in Voronezh.


In 1987, Mr. Tselkovnev graduated from the Voronezh Red Banner Construction Institute with an Engineering degree.

Awards and Recognition

Honoured Worker (1996); Certificate of Honour of the State Highway Service (2003); Certificate of Honour of the Administration of the Voronezh Region (2004, 2006); Medal “In Honour of State Inspection For Road Traffic Safety” II Degree (2007); Commendation of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation (2007); “Honoured Worker of the Chernozemie Region” Award (2009); Award in Honour of the 200th Anniversary of Water and Land Communications in Russia (2009)

Employment History

1979 - 1981 Service in the Soviet Army;

1981 - 1987 Student of Voronezh Construction Institute;

1981 - 1988 Engineer, Senior Engineer, Inspector for Quality and Acceptance of Construction and Mounting Works of the Directorate of Highways under Construction Voronezhavtodor;

1988 - 1989 Engineer, Category II Engineer of the Voronezh Regional Highway Design, Repair and Construction Association;

1989 - 2000 Deputy Section Manager, Chief Engineer of the Voronezh Highway Maintenance Department;

2000 - 2005 Deputy General Director of Voronezhavtodor OJSC;

2005 - 2010 Deputy Head of Department – Head of Department, Chief Engineer of the Federal State Institution CHERNOZEMIE Federal Highway Administration.

Marital Status

Married, one son