9, Strastnoy blvd, Moscow
OOO Avtodor Management Company was established to ensure effective accomplishment of the State Company's management of the assets of the companies belonging to the Avtodor Group.
+ 6 subsidiary enterprise
16, Malaya Dmitrovka St., bldg. 6, Moscow
Avtodor-Invest LLC was set up to provide comprehensive support for public-private partnership projects at all life cycle stages from preliminary study of the project to financial closure.
9, Strastnoy blvd, Moscow
Avtodor-Toll Roads LLC was set up to improve customer services and operator activities on the first section of the M4 “Don” highway from the 21st to the 211th km, as well as at the Toll Collection Point located at the 668th km of M11 “Neva” highway.
9, Strastnoy blvd, floor A1, fac. XIII, room 6, Moscow
The mission of Avtodor – Trading Facility LLC is to provide a comprehensive service for organising and conducting competitive procedures using its own electronic platform.
9, Strastnoy blvd, Moscow
Avtodor-Engineering LLC was established to achieve "Russian Highways" State Company's goals of increasing the innovative potential of highways and improving their technical and economic performance and consumer properties.
4, Degtyarny Pereulok, bldg. 1, Moscow
Avtodor-Telecom JSC was established to form, develop and provide technical support for the digital info-communication infrastructure of highways transferred to the trust management of the "Russian Highways" State Company.
Avtodor-Development LLC was created to implement infrastructure and service projects related to "Russian Highways" State Company’s core business.
9, Strastnoy blvd, Moscow
Avtodor – Infrastructure Investments LLC was set up to implement public-private partnership projects using institutional schemes.
+ 2 subsidiary enterprise
9, Strastnoy blvd, floor A1, fac. XIII, room 18, Moscow
Unified Central Ring Road Operator LLC is a special-purpose vehicle that was set up to implement the project for creating and operating a single barrier-free toll collection system on the Central Ring Road (CRR) in the Moscow Region, based on the principles of public-private partnership.
9, Strastnoy blvd, floor 1, fac. V, room 2, Moscow
Far Western Bypass of Krasnodar LLC is a special-purpose vehicle that was established to implement an investment project for construction of the M4 “Don” highway on the far western bypass of Krasnodar, with subsequent operation on a toll basis, using a public-private partnership.