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The thirty-two kilometers of the new section of M-4 Don Highway under construction bypassing Pavlovsk city and Losev village in Voronezh Region were covered with asphalt. It is almost half the length of the new road. Meanwhile, full-scale works are underway on other sections for erecting the road bed, laying the pavement and building 14 small artificial structures, such as pipe culverts, cattle routes, drainage trays.

7 December 2018

Heavy snowfalls that hit the central regions of Russia on December 6, 2018 caused no significant difficulties in driving on highways under the trust management of the Avtodor State Company.

6 December 2018

On December 4-5, according to the weather forecast, severe deterioration in weather conditions in Novgorod and Tver Regions are expected. The thaw we see now will change for sudden fall in temperatures below zero accompanied by precipitations that may cause dangerous weather developments, especially for drivers, such as ice slick and freezing rain.

4 December 2018