Highway Service

In accordance with Federal Law No.257-FZ dated November 8, 2007 On Highways and Highway Activity in the Russian Federation and on Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, highway service facilities are buildings, structures, installations, or other objects designed to provide services to road users along their transport routes (filling stations, bus stations, coach stations, hotels, campsites, motels, catering areas, technical service stations, similar facilities and also the recreational areas and transport parking areas required for their operation).

One of the aims of the establishment and the activity of the State Company is to develop highway service facilities positioned in right of way zones and at roadsides along the State Company’s highways.

The programme of activities of Avtodor for the period until 2019 stipulates that the State Company’s highways must include mixed-use highway service zones.

In accordance with the Programme, mixed-use highway service zones of the State Company’s highways are zones for the comprehensive servicing of road users with highway service facilities providing a full range of services, including car maintenance and repair, catering, recreation and other services.

A mixed-use highway service zone on the State Company’s highways includes:

  • Separate areas to park passenger vehicles, trucks and buses;
  • A multi-fuel filling station;
  • Toilets;
  • A recreation zone for motorists and passengers with specially designated smoking areas;
  • Catering facilities;
  • A shop;
  • A motel;
  • A car wash;
  • A technical service station;
  • Showers;
  • A laundry service;
  • A first aid point;
  • Litter bins;
  • A telephone.

In order to create mixed-use highway service zones, the State Company is using a new approach similar to the principles applied to such facilities in Europe.

In cooperation with professional non-governmental organisations the State Company developed and approved:

  • The requirements for mixed-use highway service zones;
  • Layout plans for the placement of mixed-use highway service zones.

In accordance with the layout plans, on the M-1 Belarus highway there will be 14 service zones and on the M-4 Don there will be 44 (at intervals of 70-90 km).

Secondly, for the first time, the choice of investor for the establishment of the mixed-use highway service zones will be conducted by holding an open auction. The investor winning the auction will commit to building mixed-use zones with the abovementioned range of facilities and services within a period of 18 months.

In 2010 auctions were held to build 8 mixed-use highway service zones. In 2011 investment agreements were concluded to build a further 19 mixed-use zones on the State Company’s highways.

The first mixed-use highway service will appear on the company’s highways in June 2012 – they will be facilities created under contracts concluded in 2010. The creation of a network of mixed-use zones on the M-1 Belarus and M-4 Don highways will be fully completed in 2019.