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17 June 2013

An open competitive tender to enter into a concession agreement on the 543 km - 684 km section of a new highway "Moscow - St. Petersburg" is announced

On June 17, 2013, the State Company Russian Highways (Avtodor) announced an open competitive tender for the right to conclude a concession agreement on financing, construction and toll operation of M-11 "Moscow - Saint-Petersburg" highway between 543 km - 646 km, and 646 km - 684 km sections". The tender is held in accordance with the Federal Government Executive Order dd. May 14, 2013 No. 775-p.


Notice of invitation to tender is posted on the official website of the Russian Federation with number 31300377356, and the website of the State Company Russian Highways (Avtodor).


The tender will be held in two stages. Bids will be accepted until September 2, 2013. 

Project presentation will take place at the business meeting of the State Company Russian Highways (Avtodor) with the investment community, held on June 21, 2013 as part of St. Petersburg Economic Forum. Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maksim Sokolov will also attend the meeting.