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25 May 2010

Avtodor signs agreement with international carriers

On May 14, 2010 the Russian Highways State Company (Avtodor) and the Association of International Road Carriers (ASMAP) signed an agreement in Avtodor headquarters.
Association President Yevgeny Moskvichev signed the document on behalf of ASMAP and Avtodor CEO Sergei Kostin signed it on behalf of the state company.  

Avtodor has launched a complex program to develop roadside services on highways in its trust management. As ASMAP represents a specific group of professional road users, Avtodor engaged ASMAP experts in joint work to satisfy the requirements of road carriers to roadside services. It was the main aim of the agreement.

ASMAP most of all wants the drivers of long vehicles to observe the labor and rest regime, i.e. to ensure traffic, cargo and vehicle safety. All that can be ensured only by a developed modern roadside services infrastructure.  Both companies plan to coordinate efforts, exchange information, and hold consultations and business meetings to efficiently develop the infrastructure.