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3 June 2014

Three companies submitted their bids for the open tendering procedure to conduct a technology and price audit of the third start-up complex of Central Circular Road (CRR)

Three bids were submitted to the open tendering procedure commission to conduct a technology and price audit of the CRR third start-up complex: by G.A. Zeitling PROMOS INSTITUTE (CJSC) (with the assistance of the KPMG CJSC, AECOM LLC); by NEO CENTRE OJSC (with the assistance of INSTITUTE IGH (JSC), INSTITUTE GIPROSTROYMOST (JSC) – SAINT-PETERSBURG”); and by SETEC ING LTD (with the assistance of SETEC INTERNATIONAL (JSC)). The results of the tendering procedure will be announced on June 25.  

The technology and price audit of the major projects implemented by the State Enterprise  Avtodor is conducted according to the Russian Federation Government Decree dated March 19, 2013, and within the framework of the Russian Federation Open Government. The audit is conducted by means of engaging consulting companies in the audit at the stages of pre-investment feasibility study or designed project documentation, which specialize in providing services in the field of technology and price audit of investment projects. The organization and conduct of the technology and price audit is aimed at the selection of an optimum alternative in construction (reconstruction) of capital facilities created within the framework of investment projects inclusive of advanced construction materials, component, and technologies, as well as at the minimization of the total expenses during the life cycle of the mentioned facilities.

The activities which are hold within the framework of the technology and price audit are public. Experts of the Open Government, state authorities, public organizations and those of mass media take part in them.

The technology and price audit of the project documentation of the CRR first start-up complex was conducted by Setec Ingineering company. Recommendations based on the results of the audit are used in  tender documents of the project.


The CRR third start-up complex, length of 105.3 km, will join the new express road Moscow – Saint-Petersburg with the highway M-7 Volga. The new highway will pass through Solnechnogorsk, Dmitrovsk, Pushkino, Shchyolkovo, Noginsky districts and through the urban district Chernogolovka. The CRR third start-up complex will have IA technical category, which is the highway with an estimated speed of 140 km/h. There will be four lanes of traffic and road junctions on different levels of the highway. A concessionaire agreement is to be signed with regard to the third start-up complex, according to the RF Government Decree. This facility will be used on a fee paid basis. The highway A-107 (the Small Concrete Ring) will become a free alternative of this section.

Information on the State Enterprise Avtodor

The State Enterprise “Russian Highways” (Avtodor) was established in 2009. The company is aimed at the development of  the basic network of express roads connecting Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Central Regions of Russia with seaports of  the Baltic and Black Seas and providing access to the highway system of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine.

In implementing highway reconstruction and construction projects, State Enterprise uses various forms of the public-private partnership (PPP). 

There are federal routes M-1 “Belarus”, M-3 “Ukraine” and M-4 “Don”, as well as a section of the  highway A-107 “Moscow Little Ring” in trust management of Avtodor.