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12 May 2015

Avtodor establishes a network of regional centers of public-private partnerships

State Company Avtodor together with the Russian Federation constituents proceeds to the establishment of regional centers of public private partnerships. To implement this task, Avtodor has selected several regions where the PPP pilot centers will begin their operation. For example, within the 3rd International Forum of Investors and Operators of Highway Infrastructure held in Sochi the agreements on the establishment of the centers were signed with the Udmurt Republic and the Krasnodar Region.

PPP regional centers will be set up in cooperation of RF constituents and Avtodor-Invest LLC on equal terms. The mission of these centers is to select the most promising PPP projects. This work will be synchronized allowing to take into account the interests and demands of trans-regional importance while executing the project. PPP centers will conduct a preliminary examination of selected projects and provide suggestions on the scheme of their implementation. In addition, the established centers will help to solve the problem of staff shortage in the regions and lack of knowledge and experience in public-private partnership, and significantly save resources of RF constituents.

Employees of the regional centers will undertake free internships in Avtodor-Invest LLC State Company subsidiary as in the case of currently implemented projects of Avtodor. The internships will be carried out in three areas of PPP projects structuring: law, finance, and technology. The internship supervisors will be presented by leading specialists of Avtodor having a unique experience in working with PPP projects.