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22 May 2015

Avtodor is going to create a public-private partnership (PPP) development center in Tomsk Oblast

On May 21, in Tomsk, Chairman of the Board of the State Company AVTODOR, Sergey Kelbakh, and Governor of Tomsk Oblast, Sergey Zhvachkin, signed an agreement for strategic cooperation and establishment of a public-private partnership development center.

In accordance with this cooperation agreement, the parties will contribute to development, preparation and implementation of investment projects in Tomsk Oblast.

Joint work will be focused on searching, selection, structuring and support for implementation of investment projects related to road facilities of Tomsk Oblast, as well as on involvement of private funding.

The document provides for creation of a working group to address issues of tracing, zoning, land use planning and land ownership relations when designing, building and operating the road investment projects in Tomsk Oblast.

The second agreement provides for establishment of a public-private partnership development center in Tomsk Oblast. Along with other regional public-private partnership development centers that are being established by the State Company, the mission of the Center will consist in selection of the most promising projects in this region. This work will be synchronized, thus ensuring that interests and needs of interregional significance are taken into account during project implementation.  




State Company AVTODOR together with constituents of the Russian Federation is establishing a network of regional public-private partnership centers. To solve this task, AVTODOR has selected several regions where pilot public-private partnership centers will start their work. At present, agreements for establishment of centers have been signed in the Udmurt Republic and Krasnodar Oblast. Regional public-private partnership centers will be established jointly by local authorities of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and Avtodor-Invest Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of the State Company AVTODOR) on an equal footing.

Regional public-private partnership centers will perform preliminary examination of selected projects and give proposals in regard to their implementation. In addition, centers that are going to be established will help in dealing with shortage of staff, knowledge and experience in the field of public-private partnership in regions, as well as in saving up resources of federal entities.

Employees of regional centers will take free practical training in Avtodor-Invest Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the State Company, using examples of ongoing projects implemented by AVTODOR. This training will be made in three directions of structuring the public-private partnership projects: legal, financial and technical. Leading experts of AVTODOR, having a unique experience of working with public-private partnership projects, will be involved as trainers.