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28 May 2015

Negative impact of the Avtodor’s highways on the environment will have been reduced by one third by 2030

State Company Avtodor has developed new ecological policy for the period till 2030. In accordance with the document, negative impact of the highways on the environment will have been reduced by 20 - 30% in comparison with 2015 (per one kilometer) by 2030.

For their analysis, the developers used two scenarios of perspective development of Russian highways and motorways till 2030: inertial (12.7 thousand km of the roads of the State Company in total) and innovative (18 thousand km).

The preliminary estimates have shown that the total positive social and economic effect of the development of highways network will cover the harm to the environment and the facilities of the State Company. 

It was stated that in case of the implementation of ecological policy, social effect for 15 years will amount to 44.5 bln rubles for the innovative scenario and 25.3 bln rubles for the inertial scenario.

Social benefit from the reduction of mortality and injury rate of animals and people in car accidents, saving of time, fuel, the effect of increase in land value and value of the property, located near roads, from the creation of multifunctional road service zones as well as from a short-term multiplicator of investment expenses was estimated by the methodology of “cost-benefit” economic analysis.

Environmental damage from the climate changes caused by greenhouse effect, toxic pollution of the environment, soil, forests, death of animals caused by the construction and operation of roads, water pollution, harm from waste disposal during the construction and operation of roads as well as from traffic noise was also estimated. 

Avtodor’s ecological policy has no analogues in Russia. It is based on the principles of activity management of the State Company, its contracting organizations and concessioners in the sphere of environmental protection, ecological safety, environment conservation and energy efficiency.

The ecological policy is mainly aimed at providing a favorable state of natural and social environment in the area, affected by highways, and the conservation of natural ecological systems and natural resources at roadsides.

By the construction and operation of highways, Avtodor’s ecological policy ensures the use of the most modern nature- and resource-saving technologies and materials, environmental protection, activation of innovative solutions as well as the increase of Avtodor’s investment potential as an ecological and socially responsible company.

Over 100 experts from 35 companies have developed new ecological policy by the order of the State Company. The largest are the following: the Moscow State Automobile & Road Technical University (MADI), National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, Research and Development Center “Geotechphyspribor” of the Institute of Physics of the Earth of RAS, the Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of RAS, Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth of RAS, the Institute for Space Research of RAS and many others.