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1 July 2015

Bridge Crossing over the River Don in Aksai District of Rostov Region is Fully Open to Traffic

The second part of the bridge crossing over the river Don (the 1 061-th km of Federal Highway M-4 “Don”) was commissioned in Aksai district of Rostov region on 1 July 2015.  Thus, the bridge crossing was fully opened to traffic.

                The opening ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Valentina Matviyenko, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov, the Governor of Rostov region Vasiliy Golubev, the Chairman of the Board of State Company “Avtodor” Sergey Kelbakh.

The bridge crossing over the river Don near Aksay city is the part of the Federal Highway M-4 and is included in the single transport system of the city of Rostov-on-Don.  This facility is of great importance both for the entire transport system of the European part of Russia and the Rostov region: it serves the transit flows that provide communication between the subjects of the Russian Federation, the bridge also provides a connection between the industrial, cultural and social facilities located on both banks of the Don and between the satellite cities and the regional center.

The transport crossing was built in 1995 and consists of two bridges which are conventionally called the “right” and the “left” bridges.

Fr om 2012 to 2014 a full scale reconstruction of the left bridge was carried out and it was opened for traffic on November 1 last year.

This was followed by the repair of the right bridge leading to the south.  The works commenced in December 2014.  On July 1 the traffic movement in this direction is opened and the traffic flow will move over both bridges, i.e., along three lanes in each direction.

The complex of works on reconstruction and repair of the bridge was carried out by order of State Company Avtodor.  The general contractor is PJSC Mostotrest.

The length of the bridge crossing is 1 227,7 m, including the length of the bridge – 567,1 m, and approaches thereto – 660,6 m; the number of lanes equals to six (three lanes in each direction).

After completed reconstruction, the bridge crossing started to conform not only to the existing traffic volume but to the requirements for safety and environmental protection that apply to road infrastructure in the modern world as well.


                The Federal Highway M-4 “Don”Moscow - Voronezh - Rostov-on-Don - Krasnodar - Novorossiysk is the main vertical axis of the road system of Russia. This highway has important strategic and defensive value, it connects the central and northern regions of the European part of the country to the North Caucasus, the Black Sea coast, and the port of Novorossiysk. М-4 is a part of European routes Е-115, Е-592, Е-97, and Е-50.

In 2011 , after an extensive reconstruction, the highway М-4 “Don” became a four-lane highway all the way from Moscow to Voronezh.

In November2013 , new high-speed sections in the bypass of the city of Voronezh and the Tchaikovsky settlement(Rostov region) were put into operation wh ereafter more than900 kilometers of the road of the highway М-4 “Don” started to conform to categoryIB, more than100 kilometers – to category IА, and more than 100 kilometers additionally – to category IВ.