Press room


30 June 2015

Traffic restriction will be imposed on heavyweight transport on M-4 “Don” highway in the Krasnodar Territory

Avtodor performs major repair of М-4 “Don” highway at the section between the 1442th km and the 1459th km, wherefore traffic restriction will be imposed at this section from June 1 to December 31, 2015 for vehicles with aggregate weight of over 12 tons, save for buses that carry passengers.

We offer apologies for temporary inconveniences. We ask drivers to choose the following bypass routes:

1.            In the direction from Krasnodar to Novorossiysk:

Exit from М-4 “Don” highway to the 1346th km on the right to Krasnodar – Novorossiysk highway. The distance from the 1346th km of М-4 “Don” highway to Novorossiysk is 140 km.

2.            In the direction from the settlement of Dzhubga to Novorossiysk:

From the 1442th km (road interchange under construction) on the right, in the direction to Krasnodar, then at the 1346th km of М-4 “Don” highway exit on the right along the road interchange by overhead road to Krasnodar – Novorossiysk highway. At that, the distance from the settlement of Dzhugba to Novorossiysk will be 236 km. Excess mileage from Dzhubga to Novorossiysk will amount to 136 km.

3.            In the direction from Novorossiysk to Dzhubga:

The motor traffic from Novorossiysk moves on Krasnodar – Novorossiysk highway, exit on the right at the 19th km in the direction to Dzhubga, then to М-4 “Don” highway. At that, the distance from Novorossiysk to the settlement of Dzhubga will be 236 km, excess mileage will amount to 136 km.