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23 June 2015

The whole network of local motorways used in the construction of M-11 Highway in the Tver Region will be rebuilt by the constructors

A trilateral agreement concerning the use of the Tver Region motorways used for the construction of km 208 - km 258 section of M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway was signed in Tver. The document was signed by Mr. Sergei Kelbakh, the Chairman of the Board of State Company Avtodor, Mr. Andrey Shevelev, the Governor of the Tver Region, and Mr. Boris Skakun, the Project Manager on the part of the construction organization, PSJC Mostotrest.

The scope of the Agreement included the examination of technical state of local road network, their use for the transportation of construction materials and machinery, maintenance and preservation during the construction of the new highway and reconstruction after termination of use of the local network during the period of 2016 -- 2017.

The total length of motorways used in the construction of the new M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway in Kalinin, Torzhok, and Lihoslavl Districts of the Tver Region amounts to 63 kilometers. 

It should be noted that the contractor restored 23.5 kilometers of regional roads as early as in May-June, 2015.


The new section of M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg Highway, km 208 -- km 258, will comply with the requirements of Motorway Class IA, which implies a highway with the design travelling speed of 150 km/h. Estimated annual traffic density is 26,800 vehicles per day. The project for this section involves the construction of 26 engineering structures (four bridges, 16 approach viaducts within the motorway, three approach viaducts over the new highway, one approach viaduct on the adjoining road, as well as three road junctions). The construction of this section will be completed in 2018.