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5 August 2015

Sustainable mobile communication has been provided for the section of the new speed highway M-11 “Moscow-St. Petersburg” bypassing Verkhniy Volochok in the Tver region

The first mobile operator base stations were put into commission on the highway M-11 section in the Tver region (258-334 km bypassing the town of Verkhniy Volochok).

The “Megaphone” company was the first mobile operator to install its base stations on the cell towers built by State Company “Avtodor” on the new section of the freeway M-11, and now high-quality mobile communication and high-speed mobile Internet is available for the “Megaphone” network subscribers along the whole length of the section.  The subscribers of other networks may use them to call emergency services. Shortly,  for the subscribers of other providers roaming will be implemented on the bypass of the town of Verhniy Volochok.

In the long term, the new highway will be equipped with base stations of other mobile operators using the infrastructure of the “Avtodor” State Company.

Provision of reliable communication along highways is one of the range of services that “Avtodor” State Company, together with mobile operators, renders to its users, not to mention the creation of modern roadside service infrastructure.