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26 April 2016

Rosturizm and Avtodor State Company Signed an Agreement on Development of Automobile Tourism in Russia

Avtodor State Company and the Federal Agency for Tourism (Rosturizm) signed the Agreement on Development of Automobile Tourism in Russia on April 26 in Moscow.

The document was signed by the Chairman of Avtodor State Company Sergey Kelbakh and the Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov.

The execution of the document is timed to coincide with the beginning of the summer tourist season.

“The active growth of the domestic automobile tourism, which is observed in the last six years on highways of the State Company, makes us create and develop a modern infrastructure of roadside service, including the up-to-date information tools. The first steps in this direction have been already made: today on the Avtodor roads operate more than thirty multi-functional service areas, providing the motorists with full range of services necessary on the way. Last year, we introduced to users a mobile application that allows you to calculate a route, to find the nearest facilities of the road tourist service, and even to pay the fare. The cooperation with Rosturizm will accelerate the creation of comfortable environment on our highways for travelers, and allow conveying the information about its advantages to the wide range of consumers”- said Sergey Kelbakh after the signing.

According to the Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov, there is a high demand for car trips to Russia fr om our fellow citizens, as well as from foreigners. However, the lack of a comfortable infrastructure hinders us to meet this demand.

“According to experts, in Europe, annual revenues from caravanning is up to 19 billion euros. The potential for development of this direction in Russia is huge: we can accept up to 5.5 million crews per year. Now, however, this figure does not exceed 1.5-2 thousand crews. We need to develop roadside infrastructure, as well as to create a modern, accessible, and comfortable environment for servicing tourists, to promote actively the tourism product both in the domestic and international markets”, - said the Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Oleg Safonov.

In April, at the Federal Agency for Tourism a working group was established; it is composed of the representatives of Avtodor, the largest fuel companies – Lukoil and Rosneft, the Moscow State University, Non-profit Organizations “The League of Caravanners” and “Roadside Service Companies Association”, the executive authority of Russian regions. Its task will be the development of automobile tourism potential in Russia.

The State Company Russian Highways (Avtodor) was established in 2009. The company's goal is the establishment of basic network of high-speed highways in Russia, attracting of non-budgetary investments, the development of road service.

The highways M-1 “Belarus” with the length of 450 km, the M-4 “Don” (1716 km) and the M-3 “Ukraine” (432 km) are under the fiduciary ownership of Avtodor State Company. Avtodor carries out their complex reconstruction.

According to the program of Avtodor State company for the period up to 2020, the highways of the State Company will be equipped with multifunctional road service zones (MFZ).

MFZ should include: individual parking zones for cars, trucks and buses; multi-fuel filling stations, including GAZS and charging stations for electric vehicles; toilets (with connection to running water, sewage, electricity, heating); drivers and passengers sitting areas with designated areas for smoking; catering facilities (cafe, restaurant); stores (mini market); tire stations; showers; laundry; medical aid centers; waste bins; phone.

The structure of MFZ facilities shall include motel (hotel) in cases, wh ere it is necessary for the fulfillment of requirements to comply with the rules to ensure safe conditions for transportation in accordance with the established regime of work and rest of drivers.

The structure of MFZ facilities may include car wash stations; service stations; places (market) for the retail sale of goods and (or) local craft souvenirs; parking zones for cars with trailers, villas (campers); helipads; telecommunication services (Internet); ATMs.

Up to date, Avtodor has signed 26 investment agreements to create multifunctional zones of road service along the highways M-1 “Belarus” and M-4 “Don”. 34 MFZ have been already commissioned (24 - on the road M-4 “Don”, 8 - on the road M-1 “Belarus”, and 2 on the road M-3 “Ukraine”). The new highways M-11 and the Central Ring Road will be equipped with the same service facilities.