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28 April 2016

Avtodor Plans to Build a Network of Express Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles Along the Highways

The first express charging stations for electric vehicles have been put into operation on multifunctional road service zones on the 46th and 1,119th km of Highway M-4 “Don”.

In the near future, a network of express charging stations for eco-clean vehicles will appear along the highways M-1 “Belarus” M-3 “Ukraine”, M-4 “Don” and M-11 “Moscow - St. Petersburg”.

In accordance with the standard of Avtodor, it is necessary to provide the placement and operation of charging infrastructure for eco-clean vehicles (including electric vehicles) on all planned, constructed or reconstructed service areas along the highways of the State Company.

For express charging of electric vehicles, at least one charging station with the following characteristics shall be installed on the territory of the gas station: capacity - up to 5 kW, voltage - 500 V, current strength - up to 125 A.

On average, electric vehicles are charged in full from electric column for from a half to three hours. When battery is fully charged, the electric vehicle can travel up to 150 kilometers.

In accordance with the State Standards, placement of multifunctional zones with the necessary infrastructure shall be provided for every 60 kilometers.