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30 November 2016

A single transponder will now be used on toll roads of the State Company Avtodor and on the Western High Speed Diameter (St. Petersburg)

On November 30, 2016 the State Company Avtodor and Magistral Severnoy Stolitsy, LLC signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the development of an inter-operator communication system on toll roads within the framework of the 10th International Forum and Exhibition "Transport Week".

The document was signed by Chairman of the Board of the State Company Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh and Director General of Magistral Severnoy Stolitsy LLC Aleksey Bnatov.

"Western High Speed ​​Diameter is a unique experience of the toll road inside a metropolis. By the beginning of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, a user leaving St. Petersburg will have a single transponder, no matter where it has been purchased", Sergey Kelbakh said.

"I want to thank my colleagues for their patience and flexibility, because it was difficult for a private company to integrate into the State Company system fr om the legal point of view. It is important that the agreement, which we have been drafting, leaves freedom for each operator. We will not be forced to reduce or fix the tariff. We work in the interests of each operator," Aleksey Bnatov said.

"The task we are facing now is associated with a large number of technical issues. We hope that by the end of 2017 we will have another partner, Magistral Severnoy Stolitsy, LLC, so that the transponders of this company could be used by motorists on all toll roads of the Russian Federation," Konstantin Pashkevich, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Avtodor for Info-Communication Policy said.

According to the MoU, the parties expressed their intention to participate in establishment and operation of an inter-operator communication system on toll roads, toll sections of roads, including (but not lim ited to) the private toll highway for public use – Western High Speed ​​Diameter – and toll road sections held in trust by the State Company Avtodor.

The Parties confirm their desire to negotiate organizational, legal, technical and financial aspects of the inter-operator communication system as well as ensure the participation of other stakeholders in these negotiations to agree on all essential terms.

The ultimate goal of the inter-operator communication system is to provide motorists with an opportunity to use a single transponder to pay for toll sections of M-4 Don, M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg, M-3 Ukraine, the Northern Bypass of Odintsovo, the Western High Speed ​​Diameter (toll highway in St. Petersburg), the Central Ring Road and other toll roads to be built in the territory of Russia.

It is a reminder that in September 2016, the State Company Avtodor, LLC Avtodor - Toll Roads, North-West Concession Company (NWCC), LLC and United Toll Collection Systems (UTCS), LLC signed an agreement on inter-operator communication.

Coming into effect of this agreement will allow paying for a travel along the section of a new high-speed highway M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg to bypass the Vyshniy Volochek (at sections 258th km – 334th km) and along toll sections of M-4 Don Federal Highway with transponders used for travel along the section of M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg from Moscow to Solnechnogorsk (at sections 15th km  - 58th km, the concessionaire is NWCC), and vice versa. Thus, the drivers can pay for a travel along M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg and M-4 Don by means of a single transponder.


For reference:

The State Company Avtodor was established in 2009. The company’s goal is to develop a network of express toll roads, encourage off-budget investments and develop service area facilities.  The asset management of Avtodor State Company embraces the highways M-1 Belarus, M-4 Don, M-3 Ukraine and a new high-speed highway M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg. The State Company carries out their comprehensive reconstruction. Avtodor is the executive company in charge of building the Central Ring Road (CRR) in Moscow and Moscow region. The State Company uses the mechanisms of public-private partnership (PPP) for implementation of all major projects.

Magistral Severnoy Stolitsy, LLC was established in March 2011. The company is the consortium implementing an agreement on establishment and operation of a public-private partnership of the "Western High Speed ​​Diameter" highway, concluded with the Saint-Petersburg and ZSD JSC. Consortium members are VTB Capital, Gazprombank, Astaldi (Italy), Içtaş Inşaat (Turkey) as the construction contractors and Mega Yapi Inşsaat ve Ticaret (Turkey), a technical consultant of contractors. MSS is funding and organizing the construction of the central area of ​​the "Western High Speed ​​Diameter" and accept the entire highway into operation as a part of a 30-year concession.