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2 December 2016

Dmitriy Medvedev visited the stand of Avtodor at the 10th International Exhibition Forum "Transport of Russia"

Russian Prime Minister, Dmitriy Medvedev visited the stand of the State Company Avtodor during examination of exhibition of the 10th International Exhibition Forum "Transport of Russia", at which he reviewed the prospects of the development of a core network of high-speed roads in our country, as well as the modern methods of payment for toll highway sections.

Chairman of the Board of the State Company, Sergey Kelbakh, presented to the Prime Minister a transponder, an electronic tool allowing the motorists to drive through toll collection points without stopping, as well as to use the loyalty programs and receive substantial discounts to the tariffs of toll road operators.

Dmitry Medvedev showed particular interest to the prospects of introducing an interoperability system which makes it possible to use a single transponder on different toll roads regardless of the operator who runs these roads. The day before, on November 30, as a part of "Transport of Russia" exhibition, the State Company Avtodor signed a memorandum of such inter-operator cooperation with Magistral Severnoi Stolitsy LLC, the concessionaire of the Western High Speed ​​Diameter project, the central portion of which was opened by the President of RF, Vladimir Putin, in St. Petersburg on December 2.

Currently, the single transponder is operating at all toll sections of M-4 Don Federal Highway and at one section of the new high-speed highway M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg bypassing the city of Vyshniy Volochek (Tver Region). In 2017, this collaboration will extend to payment for the head section of M-11 highway (Moscow - Solnechnogorsk), and then to the Western High Speed ​​Diameter. In the future, the single transponder will also be operating on the northern bypass of Odintsov and the Central Ring Road (CRR) currently under construction.

Together with the Prime Minister, the Presidential Advisor Igor Levitin, the Deputy Prime Minister Arkadiy Dvorkovich, and the Minister of Transport of Russia Maksim Sokolov visited the stand of the State Company. The delegation also reviewed the displayed exceptional archaeological artifacts found during excavations preceding the construction of the Ring Road sections and reconstruction of M-1 Belarus  Federal Highway.

Also, Sergei Kelbakh introduced the Prime Minister to a new legal form to be used for a comprehensive development and management of the fourth section of M-4 Don highway (km 1091 – km 1319). This section will be operated by the Road Investment Company LLC, founded by Avtodor and the Russian Direct Investment Fund for preparation and implementation of road projects in Russia.