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9 December 2016

The State Company Avtodor will use the information modeling technologies in the design and construction of roads


On December 8, 2016 the State Company Avtodor approved a plan for implementation of information modeling processes and technologies in the design, construction, reconstruction, overhaul, repair, integrated development and maintenance of roads for the years 2017-2018.

Currently, the design documentation using the information modeling technologies is developed for reconstruction of two objects on the M-4 Don Federal Highway, i.e. transport interchange at the 296th km and in construction of the off-ramp at the 334th km.

Further use of the information modeling technology requires a set of measures, including the development of:

-          the State Company standards, regulations, technical specifications, and requirements for information and telecommunication resources, ensuring the implementation of the information modeling processes;

-          an infrastructure and workforce capacity required for the implementation of information modeling technologies into the management and engineering processes.

-          regulations and documents on standardization in the Russian Federation in the area of information modeling in order to motivate all the participants in road activities (designers, builders, manufacturers of innovative products and others) to create an information modeling technology market in the road sector;

Implementation of this plan is bound to improve the quality of construction and operation of highways, reduce their cost and risks of emergency situations.

The plan was approved as a part of the technical policy of Avtodor State Company until 2020.


For reference:

Road information model (RIM) describes its location, size, design and specifications, as well as structural parts, components of engineering infrastructure and artificial structures, change of the road during its lifecycle (at the design, construction and operation phase). RIM contains three-dimensional models, object specifications, diagnostic materials, archive documents and other information about the set of structures making up the road in a structured and interconnected form.