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20 December 2016

Traffic on new transport interchange at the 174th km of the M-3 Ukraine Federal Highway is allowed

On December 20, 2016 the traffic on the transport interchange at the 174th km of M-3 Ukraine Federal Highway was allowed.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of Kaluga Region Anatoliy Artamonov, Chairman of the Board of the State Company Avtodor Sergei Kelbakh, Deputy Director General, CEO of the Road Construction Company Autoban JSC Aleksandr Raketskiy.

The two-level transport interchange is located at the 174th km of M-3 Ukraine Federal Highway at the intersection with Kaluga-Medyn highway. This interchange will redistribute the traffic flows, thereby reducing the accident rate at the section and increasing its capacity.

As part of reconstruction of M-3 Ukraine, the roadway is broadened and brought to the technical parameters of 1B category, i.e. four lanes and no intersection with other roads at the same level. During the works, the roadway width will be increased up to 7.5 meters, and the curbs on both sides -
up to 3.75 m.

For reference:

The project of reconstruction, maintenance, repair, overhaul and chargeable operation M3 Ukraine highway at the 124th km – 194th km section is implemented within the framework of a long-term investment agreement concluded between Avtodor State Company and Road Construction Company Autobahn JSC. The agreement term is 23 years.

The reconstructed section of highway M3 Ukraine fr om 124th km to 194th km passes through Maloyaroslavetskiy and Dzerzhinskiy district of Kaluga Region and urban district of Kaluga. The estimated speed lim it is 120 km/h.

After commissioning of the reconstructed section, the Road Construction Company Autobahn JSC will be responsible for maintenance, repair, overhaul of roads and collect tolls in favor of the state. The project is implemented in accordance with the federal target program of Development of the Russian Transport System (2010-2020), and the long-term program of activities of Avtodor State Company (2010-2020), approved by the Russian Government.