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24 March 2017

Avtodor implements an antitrust risk management system

The State Company Avtodor is now implementing an antitrust risk management system (antitrust compliance). This activity is carried out with the support of the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service of Russia.

Antitrust compliance is the system of corporate procedures and local regulations, which aim at ensuring that the State Company and member-companies of Avtodor Group comply with the antitrust and procurement laws, as well as preventing any violations in this sphere.

                Implementation of the antitrust compliance will create a consistent approach to ensure the prevention of antimonopoly risks in Avtodor Group. The new standard will allow for a complex of corporate mechanisms aimed at stimulating maximum interest and personal liability of each employee of the State company and Avtodor Group in compliance with the antitrust law provisions.

                Building of an effective compliance management system will solve problems of integrating the culture of antitrust law with corporate ethics of the State Company and its associated Companies.

The compliance system will be organized by means of development and adoption of the Antimonopoly policy, creation of a response mechanism to address possible violations, and conducting independent corporate investigations of these violations. Besides, compliance assumes stimulation of workers to observe the antitrust policy and increase the level of competence.

Antitrust policy is based on principles of legality, transparency of business activities and social responsibility. It relies on the best international practical experience of corporate management, high standards of professional activity. It is based on ensuring business practices and suppressing any actions or terminating agreements that restrict competition and contradict the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.