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31 May 2017

Six Multifunctional roadside servicing areas will be set up on M-11 Highway in Novgorod Region

Chairman of the Board of the State Company Avtodor Sergei Kelbakh and Acting Governor of Novgorod Region Andrei Nikitin held a joint retreat during which they discussed, inter alia, the creation of multifunctional roadside servicing areas (MFZ) on M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway within Novgorod Region.

According to Sergei Kelbakh, a total of six MFZs will be put into operation in Novgorod Region. "The location of servicing area shall be selected from the optimal traveling distance of 50-70 kilometers. Also, the proximity of the settlement plays an important role to allow local residents to work in MFZs," said Sergey Kelbakh.

According to him, the proximity to historical and cultural sites is also taken into account. "An example of such a multifunctional area is Oneg MFZ on the site of the former Rachmaninoff family estate," said Sergey Kelbakh, who further explained that the service areas will be located in pairs on both sides of the road. The total of three pairs of MFZs will be created in Novgorod Region.

Andrei Nikitin also stressed that the establishment of MFZs will have a positive impact on the economy of the region. "This is a new opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses, these are new points for them to sell their goods and to create jobs," said Andrei Nikitin.

He also noted that six MFZs to be created on M-11 in the Novgorod Region will sell locally produced products.


For reference:

The sixth stage (334th km – 543rd km) of the M-11 Moscow-Saint-Petersburg Highway construction is the longest one. It crosses the territory of Tver Region (Vyshnevolotskiy and Bologovsky Districts) and Novgorod Region (Okulovskiy, Malovisherskiy and Novgorod Districts). The State Company Avtodor is the project owner. The contractor is Mostotrest PJSC. The contract completion is scheduled for May 2018.