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29 December 2011

Avtodor concludes an agreement for the construction, maintenance, repair and operation of the Moscow-St. Petersburg highway at section km 258 – km 334

The State Company Avtodor and Mostotrest OJSC have concluded a long-term agreement for the first phase of construction, the maintenance, major repair and toll-based operation of a section of the new high-speed M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg highway from km 258 – km 334 (Vyshny Volochek bypass) in the Tver Region. The value of the contract is 49 billion roubles. The long-term investment agreement has been concluded for a term of 22 years.

The section bypassing Vyshny Volochek is part of the new high-speed M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg highway commissioned by State Company Avtodor. The total cost of the first phase of construction of the section, including preparation of land and implementation of the toll system, is 49.6 billion roubles (including VAT) and the planned date for completion is July 1, 2015. The project for the construction of the Vyshny Volochek bypass will be the first time the new mechanism of public-private partnership has been applied. Under the partnership, the contractor, aside from the construction, maintenance and repair (including major repair) of the road, will also provide investment for the project (approximately 5.2 billion roubles).
The second stage of the project involving the operation, maintenance and scheduled repair of the toll section of the highway, will be carried out for a period of 18 years after the end of the construction stage. The total estimated (basic) cost of the second stage will be 10.2 billion roubles (excluding VAT).
The construction of the section of the Moscow – St. Petersburg highway bypassing Vyshny Volochek is the first Russian project to be implemented within the framework of a life-cycle contract (LCC). The contract stipulates end-to-end financial responsibility of the executor for the quality of construction, operation and repair of the highway, i.e. at all stages of the project. This encourages the executor to strive to achieve high transport and operational indicators for the highway and, ultimately, achieve a high standard of service provided to road users.
The contractor is also obliged to engage an operator for the highway toll system. The experience of this operator must meet international standards.
At the construction stage on the 72 km section, specialists of Mostotrest OJSC will have to build 54 artificial structures, including 14 bridges, 40 overpasses and two multi-level transport interchanges at the intersection with the existing M-10 Moscow – St. Petersburg highway (the start and end of the bypass). The section from km 258 – km 334 of the new high-speed M-11 Moscow – St. Petersburg highway is a Class I A highway. The estimated speed of traffic will be up to 150 km/h and the number of lanes after the completion of the first phase of construction will be 4.
Later on, in accordance with the contract, after the end of construction Mostotrest OJSC will conduct maintenance on the section, carry out major and minor repairs to the road and the artificial structures, operate the automated traffic management system and provide toll collection services for State Company Avtodor.