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30 December 2011

M-4 Don highway now four-lane route all the way from Moscow to Voronezh

The new section of the M-4 Don highway was opened on December 30 in the Lipetsk Region. The opening ceremony was attended by the First Deputy Governor of the Lipetsk Region, Yury Bozhko and the Director of the Voronzeh Branch of the State company Avtodor, Sergei Titov.

The section bypassing the town of Yarkino (km 330 – km 355) is a category one highway with four lanes, separated counter-flows and multi-level transport interchanges. As there are no “left” turns and crossroads, the permitted speed along the section is 110 kilometers per hour.

Following the results of open bidding, the state contract for the construction of the Yelets bypass went to AVTOBAN ROAD BUILDING COMPANY OJSC.

In 2011 the State Company took over the operation of a new section of the M-4 Don highway bypassing the town of Yelets (km 355 – km 414.7). Furthermore, last year around 140 km of sections of the M-4 Don highway were put into operation, which after reconstruction became category one four-lane highways.

In 2010, the section of the M-4 Don highway bypassing the town of Zadonsk and the village of Khlevnoe was commissioned after reconstruction.

This meant that by the end of 2011 the M-4 Don highway had become a four-lane highway from Moscow to Voronezh.

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