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21 July 2017

Transponder owners will temporarily obtain even more preferences when driving along toll sections of the M-4 Don Federal Highway and bypass of Vyshniy Volochek in Tver Region

Transponder owners will temporary obtain even more preferences when driving along toll sections of the M-4 Don Federal Highway and a section of the M-11 speed-highway in Tver Region to bypass Vyshniy Volochek.

From July 24 to December 31, 2017 att the bypass of Vyshniy Volochek a 24-hour 50% discount will be provided for vehicles of all tariff groups upon payment by transponder. At the same time upon payment by transponder a loyalty program effective at this road section will apply. Vehicle drivers who use this section regularly will eventually be able to get up to 55% off. Earlier the transponder owners got 20% off, and according to the loyalty program at this road section the discount could amount to 28% of the basic tariff.

Moreover, the road toll at the same road section upon payment in cash for users of tariff groups 1 and 2 will be indexed by 10% and 4.5% respectively. Annual indexation of the road toll is stipulated by the long-term program of the State Company Avtodor (2010-2020) approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Indexation is carried out with account of the cumulative composite consumer price index. However, indexation of tariffs at the section of M-11 in bypass of Vyshniy Volochek has not been carried out since September 21, 2015 – the date of its commissioning in toll mode.

Indexation of tariffs upon toll payment in cash will be temporarily introduced at toll sections of the M-4 Don Federal highway until October 1, 2017 inclusive. The amount of indexation depends on the section length. Owners of transponders will have the same tariff level.

Detailed information about new seasonal tariffs is given in appendices.


For reference:

Transponders are electronic means of toll payment allowing to minimize the time of vehicle passing through toll collection booths. A vehicle with a T-pass on windscreen does not need to stop when passing through the booths; it is enough to only reduce speed to 10-20 km/h. The money is automatically charged off from the account of the transponder. For such vehicles, special traffic lanes are allocated at toll booths. The use of the transponder allows getting sufficient discounts depending on a loyalty program effective at a particular toll section.