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12 April 2017

By the summer season, traffic at the section 1428 km – 1441 km M-4 of "Don" (Krasnodar Territory) will be carried out on three lanes

In order to ensure a safe overtaking of vehicles without entering the oncoming lane, construction of the third lane in the section 1428 km – 1441 km of the federal highway M-4 "Don" , will be completed by the beginning of the holiday season.

In the course of activities, a need for installation of both lower and upper retaining walls in those areas, where it is impossible to locate the elements of the highway sub-grade within the existing right-of-way due to the peculiarities of terrain, occurs.

Due to installation of retaining walls, a contraflow lane reversal has now been introduced in 1437 km – 1438 km section. Opening of two lanes is scheduled for April 20, 2017. By the beginning of summer, the movement will be carried out in three lanes.

In addition, the activities on development of the section with artificial lighting, sidewalks, signs, guard rails and road surface marking will be completed by the summer season.

In the summer of 2016, the section of M-4 "Don" motor road near Defanovka village (1428 km – 1441 km) has become one of the busiest on the whole motor road, the peak load on it has reached up to 30,000 cars a day in both directions accumulatively.


The length of M-4 "Don" federal motor road is 1,517 km; it is the only motor road that connects central regions of Russia with the Black Sea resorts. In 2016, in the height of summer season, there was a sharp increase in traffic movement towards the Black Sea.

Avtodor State Company systematically carries out reconstruction of M-4 "Don" motor road. Thus, traffic on the pass-by of Novaya Usman and Rogachevka villages (Voronezh region, 517 km – 544 km) was started in 2016, and a new three-level transport junction was opened on the 1442 km of M-4 "Don" federal motor road near Dzhubga. The construction of a pass-by of the village of Losevo and the city of Pavlovsk (633 km – 715 km) will be started in 2017.