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13 November 2017

Avtodor Scientific and Engineering Council Approves Construction of Krasnodar Peripheral Western Bypass

Options proposed for the transit bypass were discussed at a session of Scientific and Engineering Council of the State Company Avtodor.

The new route providing transportation access to Crimea Bridge through Kerch Strait is being developed by Order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin following a panel session of the State Council dedicated to the development of transport system in Southern Russia held on September 15, 2016. 

Members of the Scientific and Engineering Council approved the option, i.e. bypass Western Krasnodar and connect Regional Highway Krasnodar-Temryuk-hutor Bely and M-4 Don Federal Highway. The route will run in the vicinity of Stanitsa Maryanskaya, go around hutor Kopanskoy, Stanitsas Novovelitchkovskaya snd Novotitarovskaya and at the 1304th km, near Hutor Oktyabrsky, will join M-4. The new transport corridor will effectively bypass the existing urban conglomeration and prospective development areas.

Estimated traffic intensity (by 2034) is expected to reach about 30 thousand vehicles per day. This highway will be classified as Class 1 Carriageway and have four lanes. Design road speed will be 120 km/h. The new 52.6 km-long highway will have three road junctions, four bridges and ten crossovers.  Construction cost will amount to 29.7 billion rubles in the current prices.

The results of independent engineering and price audit of CRR* sections and renovation activities of M-3 Ukraine Highway were also discussed at the meeting of Scientific and Engineering Council. The experts recommended that some more advanced materials and design solutions should be used, including the Green Standard measures.

 * The section of CRR from Road Junction No. 18 PPK 3 to Junction No. 31, in the area of intersection with M-10 Russia, on the border of PPK 5’s area of activities.

** Renovation and subsequent paid operation of M-3 Ukraine Federal Highway from Moscow through Kaluga, Bryansk and up to Ukrainian border (in the direction of Kiev), the 37th  -- 173rd km section, the Moscow and the Kaluga Regions, construction stage 2.2  (the 65th -- 124th km).