Press room


30 January 2018

Avtodor is getting ready for the vacation season

In 2018, the State Company Avtodor will focus on the overhaul, renovation and new construction of the new facilities at M-4 Don in Krasnodar region, ensuring the transport access to the popular resorts of the Black Sea coast.

This year, the company intends to complete the overhaul of the route on the 1428th - 1439th kilometer section, crossing Defanovka and Gorskoye. This section, through the interchange at the 1442nd kilometer, provides the transport access to Dzhubga which is the most crowded resort of Tuapse region, as well as the availability of the tourist route with many attractions in the direction of the Sochi resort.

During the overhaul, the pavement will be reinforced, the number of lanes will be expanded to three, the drainage systems, sidewalks, lighting, fencing and barriers will be arranged, and new traffic signs will be installed.  

After the works performed on the 1428th km – 1439th km section, the road section after the 1386th kilometer  of M-4 Don Highway will have three lanes which may significantly increase throughput of the highway.

On the 1439th kilometer, when approaching a three-level interchange at the junction of Dzhubga-Sochi road, Avtodor plans to build a new two-lane bridge over the Dzhubga River. The works will commence in the first quarter this year and will be completed by the beginning of the vacation season in March 2019. Besides, the company will perform a comprehensive reconstruction of the existing bridge over the Dzhubga River, which currently has only two lanes and cannot cope with high traffic intensity through  the vacation season.

Implementation of a comprehensive project to construct a new bridge and reconstruct the existing one will allow to arrange the traffic in four lanes and eliminate the traffic jams.

This year, a comprehensive overhaul of the area from the 1459th to the 1494th kilometer of M-4 Don Highway joining  Arkhipo-Osipovka and Vozrozhdeniye, popular recreation areas, will also be completed. There, the pavement will be repaired, and the drainage system and exterior lighting will be upgraded ultimately improving the road quality and the traffic safety.