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10 June 2018

Over 30 thousand vehicles traveled over the new direct section of M-11 Moscow-Saint Petersburg Highway within three days

On 7 June 2018, a new express section (334th km – 543rd km) of M-11 Moscow-Saint Petersburg Highway was opened for full-scale vehicle traffic. During the three first days of its operation, fr om June 7 to 9 inclusive, more than 15 thousand vehicles used it. Interestingly enough, the number of vehicles traveling fr om Moscow and from Saint Petersburg is almost the same.

Owing to the commissioning of the new section, more than half of the whole express route of M-11 Moscow-Saint Petersburg Highway is now open for vehicle traffic. The direct section of the highway stretching from Mednoye settlement in the Tver Region (208th km) to Myasnoy Bor settlement in the Novgorod Region (543rd km) alone accounts for more than 330 out of the 669 km total length of the highway. Road users already enjoy the advantages of the new highway. Within three days of its operation, about 30 thousand vehicles used the direct section from 208th km to 543rd km.

The new express section (334th km – 543rd km) passes the Tver and Novgorod regions. This is the highest technical class highway, which implies that it has four lanes, no traffic lights, maximum speed lim it is 130 km/h (currently it is lim ited to 110 km/h), and there are no junctions with other roads at the same level. The high safety is ensured by separate flows of oncoming traffic and outfitting the highway with barriers and lighting throughout its length.

Since its opening, the new section, just as all other toll sections of Avtodor’s highways, employs services of accident managers. By dialing the 24/7 telephone number 8-800-707-23-23, road users can get assistance at all time and in any contingency, from elimination of a failure to refueling. Mobile crews of accident managers patrol sections around the clock. So, if road users are unable to reach the emergency service by telephone for some reason, accident managers will come to the rescue anyway.